We are honored to receive such genuine feedback from some of our clients!

“James has been an absolute blessing to our foundation.”
“James has been an absolute blessing to our foundation. Since working with him, he has helped us in many ways, not just in writing. He’s added public speaking skills to our program and helped us establish psycho social workshops for the development of our clients. Not only that, but he has also encouraged me to step out of my shell and speak also. Whether it be through our newsletters, website content, public relations needs or just being there as a creative guide, James’ company was a great investment for us!”

Ana J. Calero
Founder and  President of Foundation Hope & Life, USA

“James has represented himself as a person of integrity, dedication and responsibility.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with James for two years during which he has served as a contributor to our award-winning game day publication, TIPOFF. James has represented himself as a person of integrity, dedication and responsibility. He has consistently displayed his ability to work in a fast-paced environment, while demonstrating punctuality and professionalism. He consistently pushes himself to deliver the best work products and he understands the importance of accountability. James is bright, courteous and talented. His contributions have helped us to elevate TIPOFF—from a good publication to great one.”

Lorrie-Ann Diaz Director
Marketing & Communications
The Miami Heat Group

“I’ve been in the business for over 25 years and I can honestly that there aren’t too many in the field like James.”
James and his company, Imago Dei Productions, LLC., have been a tremendous help here at Metro Signs, Inc. We work with many high-profile clientele and working with James, and his team, has helped us serve our customers with quality service, as it pertains to copywriting, blogging, press release’s and marketing. James himself is an honest person who keeps to things like integrity and commitment, and I like that. I’ve been in the business for over 25 years and I can honestly that there aren’t too many in the field like James.”

Bruno V. Dede
Owner at Metro Signs, Inc. 

“James demonstrates the unique ability to both entertain and inform through his writing. He has definitively contributed to the rapid growth of the Page Q website since its inception and will be a mainstay in the sports media industry for a very long time.”

Josh Baumgard
Managing Editor of Page Q at 560 WQAM

“GREAT work, PHENOMENAL timing!”
“James, I’m re-reading some of the lines from your story in yesterday’s TIPOFF, for Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, and they could not ring any truer. “To be able to bounce back from certain situations, you have to have a toughness, you have to have a collective character.” “Resilience has been staying the course, even when the rest of the world doubts you. Resilience is looking at your teammates and challenging them to give every single ounce of their effort, knowing that they will answer the call.” GREAT work, PHENOMENAL timing!”

Brentan Debysingh
Manager, Business Communications/The Miami Heat Group

“James has met and exceeded all of our requests. He understood our ideas and concepts, and put them into words with ease. He’s been a great help to us as we try to reach the community for Jesus Christ.”

Pastor Chris Cassis
The Source Church

“Thanks for all of your hard work and I hope we can keep you on board for a long time to come.”
“We have a lot of writers on board that I do not look forward to editing because they constantly make the same mistakes over and over. You have improved as quickly as anybody we have had on board in four years doing this, I’ve been really impressed. Nice job.
I really like what you are doing now with football where you focus on one big story and then give a rundown of top performers – it allows us to get a lot of school and player names involved, which is great for search engines.
Thanks for all of your hard work and I hope we can keep you on board for a long time to come.”
Jason Hickman
CBS MaxPreps, Inc.
4080 Plaza Goldorado Circle, Suite A
Cameron Park, CA 95682

“When competing for a championship, the intangible perspective from team, or player, is just as important as a specific skill set. One of the traits that separate champions from contenders is resilience. The essence of not giving up, even when the odds do not seem in your favor, is a key ingredient for success.”