James Oyola

Founder of Imago Dei Productions

james-3-300x214James Oyola is the founder of Imago Dei Productions, LLC., a writing firm based in South Florida. For over 8 years, Imago Dei Productions has served as one of the top writing/public relations firms in the region. The words “Imago Dei” derive from Greek origin, meaning “In His Image” and are rooted in the Bible scripture Genesis 1:26 which points to “man being made in the image and likeness of God.” Imago Dei Productions represents a model of perfection and spirit of excellence in which the company serves its clients. The company’s core services include: print and online media, the facilitation of on-camera interviews, content development for websites, marketing, creative writing, ghost writing, copywriting, grant writing and more.

Oyola attributes his strong writing skills to a more than 10-year relationship as a sports journalist for the Miami Heat and the Miami Herald. For the Miami Heat, he has written in-game programs, produced featured stories on team players and articles for the team’s commemorative yearbooks, while covering the 2012 and 2013 championship runs. In addition to the Miami Heat and Miami Herald, Oyola produces content strategies to a growing client list including CBS Interactive, 560 WQAM sports radio of Miami, Foundation Hope & Life, USA, Metro Signs, Inc., and others.

Oyola also uses his company message to encourage youth to follow their dreams. Currently, Oyola is in the process of completing his first book publication entitled Get Out of Your Own Way, slated to publish summer 2014. The book is geared to help people seek out the purpose for which they were created.

Born and raised in Hoboken, N.J., Oyola resides in Hollywood, Fla.